Tagalog Kailangan, Dapat, Pwede + Verb/Noun/etc.

If the word preceding the verb/​noun/​etc. ends in a vowel or /n/, -ng may be added to it. See also: Na/-ng (p. 28)

Kailangang kumain si Fred.

Fred needs to eat.

Dapat kumain si Fred.

Fred should eat.

Pwedeng kumain si Fred.

Fred may eat.

Kailangang estudyante si Fred.

Fred needs to be a student.

It’s necessary for Fred to be a student.

Dapat estudyante si Fred.

Fred should be a student.

Fred ought to be a student.

Pwedeng estudyante si Fred.

Fred could be a student.

It’s possible that Fred is a student.

Dapat kumain si Fred ng mangga.


Fred should eat a mango / some mangoes.

Dapat kainin ni Fred ang mangga.


Fred should eat the mango.

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