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Are you looking for a practical, complete and engaging Tagalog course to teach your private students?

Whether you teach online or in person, Learning Tagalog: Fluency Made Fast and Easy is the perfect match for you!

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How can Learning Tagalog help you?

Learning Tagalog: Fluency Made Fast and Easy is a Tagalog course that prepares students (age 12 and up) to participate in conversations. It provides all information students need to learn independently. It is therefore the perfect curriculum for your teaching. In other words, you don’t need to reinvent the wheel and think about what to teach. You can simply follow along with the student. If they have questions, you can give more examples or explain what they don’t understand.

Through lively dialogues and drills, the course introduces all fundamental grammar topics in Essential Tagalog Grammar. This will give them a solid foundation for speaking Tagalog fluently.

The lessons in the course are also entertaining. They will keep the student engaged.

Moreover, the course, audio, workbooks and grammar reference are easy to use. The students can review the material or learn new material on their own between sessions. This will allow them to progress faster. You can then help them by answering questions, providing additional explanations, and giving them conversation practice.

Because the material builds up gradually, the learning experience is smooth and enjoyable.

The course is divided into three levels:

  • Level 1: Lessons 1–20, CEFR level A1 (beginner)
  • Level 2: Lessons 21–40, CEFR level A2 (beginner)
  • Level 3: Lessons 41–60, CEFR level B1 (intermediate)

Depending on how much the student learns alone and how much help they need, we estimate that each level would take 10–60 hours of tutoring. You can progress more quickly with non-beginners.

Even if the students already have some knowledge of Tagalog, they will still benefit from the course. Through the early lessons, they can review and practice previously learned material. They will also be able to understand certain grammar topics, which they may not have learned from other materials.

The course comes in three formats (editions): Online, Ebook and Print. They cover the same material.

We recommend the Online Edition for online instruction through video chat. It is the most convenient option because you can simply play the audio with the play button and the grammar pages are easy to access with hyperlinks.

With the Ebook Edition, this is not the case. The audio files need to be played separately. The grammar book is also a separate PDF file.

The Print Edition is like the Ebook Edition, but with paper books instead of ebooks.

While doing a video chat, the student can share their screen with you. The Online Edition can be resized flexibly to accomodate any screen size.

We suggest that you go through the lessons in advance. This will allow you to anticipate questions and think of more examples.

The course includes:

  • Realistic dialogues and drills, explained with literal and natural translations, and notes
  • Tagalog audio recordings for every phrase
  • Workbook exercises that correspond to the lessons, with answer key
  • A comprehensive grammar reference with thousands of practical examples

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Discounts for tutors and students

We can offer you and your students special discounts on the Online Course. We suggest that you go through Lesson 1 together. If they like the tutoring arrangement using the course, you can offer them a coupon code. You’ll both save money, and you’ll have enjoyable and practical Tagalog lessons. Contact us for details.

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How to get started

Step 1: Try Lesson 1 yourself

Try lesson 1 yourself. Try to imagine how it will be to go through the material with the student. What would you say if they have questions? The grammar links can help you. You could assist the student with more examples if they need help.

Step 2: Ask us for coupons by email

If you want to use the course with your students, email us to receive your coupon codes. Link to your online tutor profile(s) in your email. You will receive a $50 off discount and your students $25 off.

Step 3: Use your discount for the Online Edition

Purchase the Online Edition for yourself with your $50 off discount.

Step 4: Go through the full course

Go through the full course and review the grammar topics to get familiar with the grammar and the terminology. If you have any questions, just ask us.

Step 5: Try Lesson 1 with a student

Go through the free trial lesson of the Online Edition with a student.

If they like it, you can give them a coupon code. After they purchase with the coupon, you can use the rest of the Online Edition together.

Step 6: Become our affiliate

If you have successfully worked with three students in this way, get in touch with us. We could set up an affiliate link for you, so you can earn a commission for every new student.

If, along the way, you have any questions about grammar or about the course, please get in touch with us.

We appreciate your feedback and suggestions!

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Contact us

For questions, comments or suggestions, you can reach us at team (at) learningtagalog.com.

We wish you success and a lot of fun teaching Tagalog!

Frederik and Fiona De Vos

Last updated August 3, 2021

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“We are homeschoolers. Though me and my husband are Tagalog native speakers, our kids are having a hard time with Filipino (this is quite common in the Philippines), especially with my 13 year old. Our son is dyslexic, so that may have added some difficulty for him.

“I was looking for an effective tutorial for teaching the Filipino language that my son would like and would learn a lot from, he usually bores out of most of the others we’ve tried. I incidentally bumped on this, last year and had my son try the free lessons. Surprisingly, he actually learned after doing that 1 free lesson for about 5-10x, he was that eager to learn. Haha! He sounded natural even with the ‘Ang Bakasyon…’ lesson alone and even used some natural expressions as well. He begged me to buy it for him, so, here we are now.”

— Mira V. Rempillo
Las Piñas, Metro Manila, Philippines

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