Group buys

The Online Course for groups

You can purchase the online edition of the course for a group using the Buy as Gift / Group Buy option.

The price per account will automatically be adjusted based on the number of accounts entered:

  • 1 account: regular price
  • 2–4 accounts: 20% off
  • 5–9 accounts: 25% off
  • 10+ accounts: 30% off

How it works:

  1. A group representative makes the group purchase.
  2. The representative receives coupons for each member of the group.
  3. Students sign up for the online edition for free using their coupons.

Please note:

  • Students need Internet access while learning.
  • Accounts are personal, non-transferable and tied to the student's real name and email address.
  • The account tracks the student's progress and is valid for a lifetime (no renewal fees).

If you have any questions, please contact us.

We offer the following volume discounts for the print books:

  • 10–29 copies: 20% off
  • 30–59 copies: 25% off
  • 60–99 copies: 30% off
  • 100+ copies: 35% off

Note: The 7-book set counts as a single copy.


The books are shipped from the nearest location:

  • Tennessee, USA
  • Milton Keynes, United Kingdom
  • Victoria, Australia

Express shipping methods are available on request.

Turnaround times

  • Print Books: 5–7 business days from receipt of payment to shipment of the order
  • Online Course: 1 business day from receipt of payment to order fulfillment


Please contact us at We'll be happy to help you.