Tagalog Requests

Requests are formed in the following ways:

1. pa- + root (+ Ng phrase (p. 59))


Can I borrow it?

Lit. Could you let me borrow it.

Pahiram ng ballpen.

Can I borrow a pen?

Lit. Could you let me borrow a pen.

Pahingi’ ng scratch paper.

Can I have some scratch paper?

Lit. Could you let me have/get some scratch paper.

Paabot ng isda’.

Could you pass the fish.

2. paki- + root (+ Ng phrase)

Pakiabot ng isda’.

Could you pass the fish.

Pakitanggal nito.

Could you remove this.

3. paki-…-an + root (+ Ang phrase (p. 59) or Ng phrase)

Pakibuksan ang pinto’.*

Could you open the door.

Pakihugasan ang pinggan.

Could you do (wash) the dishes.

Pakilagyan ng check ang kahon.*

Could you put a check in the box.

* The roots are bukas and lagay. See also: Irregular verbs (p. 191)

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