Tagalog Ng Demonstrative Pronouns: This Dog, That Dog etc.


literal translations

ng asong ito,

nitong asong ito

(of/by) this dog (near me)

ng asong iyan,

niyang asong iyan

(of/by) that dog (near you)

ng asong iyon,

noong asong iyon

(of/by) that dog (far from you and me)

ng mga asong ito,

nitong mga asong ito

(of/by) these dogs (near me)

ng mga asong iyan,

niyang mga asong iyan

(of/by) those dogs (near you)

ng mga asong iyon,

noong mga asong iyon

(of/by) those dogs (far from you and me)


1. Na/-ng (p. 28) is used to link nito/niyan/niyon/noon and ito/iyan/iyon with the noun.

2. In phrases using nito/niyan/niyon/noon, the final ito/iyan/iyon may be dropped when more information about the noun is given right after it. Example:

nitong asong malaki at mabait

(of/by) this big and friendly dog

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