Tagalog Mismo

ako mismo

I myself

si John mismo

John himself

ang babae mismo

the woman herself


Pumunta ako mismo.

I myself went.

Pumunta si John mismo.

John himself went.

When used in the News (p. 30) of a sentence, mismo can also come before the noun or the pronoun. Na/-ng (p. 28) is added in this case. Examples:

Ako mismo ang pumunta.*

Mismong ako ang pumunta.

The one who went was I myself.

Si John mismo ang pumunta.

Mismong si John ang pumunta.

The one who went was John himself.

* See also: Verbs, adjectives etc. used as nouns (p. 85)

Note: Mismo can also be used to add emphasis to a word or a phrase (“right” or “very”).

sa gitna’ mismo

right in the middle

dito mismo

right here

sa sunod na araw mismo

the very next day

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