Tagalog POD–Ay–News

This sentence pattern is generally used in written Tagalog and formal spoken Tagalog.

Ang bata’ ay kumain.

(Kumain ang bata’.)

The child ate.

Ikaw ay maganda.

(Maganda ka.)

You are pretty.

Ikaw ay nakita’ ko.

(Nakita’ kita.)

I saw you.

Lit. You were seen by me.

Ay may be shortened to ‘y if the preceding word ends in a vowel, /n/ or /w/ (‘y replaces /n/ or /w/).

Siya ay maganda.

Siya’y maganda.

She’s pretty.

Ikaw ay maganda.

Ika’y maganda.

You’re pretty.

See also: Ikaw and ka (p. 45), Kita (p. 60)

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