Tagalog Wala’ sa, Wala’ Rito

The opposite of nasa is wala’ sa.

Wala’ sa (is/are/was/were) not in/on/at etc.

Wala’ sa Maynila’ si John.

John isn’t in Manila.

Wala’ sa amin si John.

John isn’t at our place.

Wala’ kay Fred ang susi’.

Fred doesn’t have the key.

Lit. The key isn’t with Fred.

The opposite of nandito is wala’ dito or wala’ rito.

Wala’ rito si John.

John isn’t here.

Wala’ roon si John.

John isn’t there.

Wala’ can also stand alone and mean (is/are/was/were) not here/there.

Wala’ si John.

John isn’t here/there.

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