Tagalog Nasa

Nasa indicates where someone or something is. It is equivalent to (is/are/was/were) in/on/at etc.

nasa Maynila’

(is) in Manila

nasa bahay

(is) at home

nasa mesa

(is) on the table

nasa akin

(is) with me

(is) in my possession

nasa amin

(is) with us

(is) in our possession

(is) at our place

na kay Fred

(is) with Fred

(is) in Fred’s possession

na kina Fred

(is) with Fred and company

(is) in Fred and company’s possession

(is) at Fred’s place


Nasa Maynila’ si John.

John is in Manila.

Nasa amin si John.

John is at our place.

Na kay Fred ang susi’.

Fred has the key.

Lit. The key is with Fred.

Note: Both nasa and sa may be used to indicate where a place is. Sa may also be used to indicate where something happens.

Nasa Maynila’ ang hotel.

Sa Maynila’ ang hotel.

The hotel is in Manila.

Sa Maynila’ ang party.

The party is in Manila.

See also: Sa (p. 257), Wala’ sa, wala’ rito (p. 259)

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