Sana 2 : Tagalog Enclitic Particle

would (be/have/like)

used in requests and wishes

Gusto ko sana ang kotse.

I would like (to get) the car.

I would have wanted/liked (to get) the car.

Gusto ko sanang kumain.

I would like to eat.

I would have wanted/liked to eat.

Makikitawag lang sana ako.

I would just like to make a call (if you don’t mind).

I would just like to borrow your phone.

Kung pwede sana…

If it would be possible…

Kung binili ko iyon, mayaman na sana ako ngayon.

If I had bought that, I would be rich by now.

Kung naghintay lang sana ako, nakita’ ko sana siya.

If only I had waited, I would have seen him/her.

See also: Pseudo-verbs (p. 207), Maki- 2 (p. 148)

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