Learn Tagalog 12

“To have something” in Tagalog

In this video, we’ll see how to say to have something in Tagalog.

As usual, let’s have a look at examples.

 May  aso  si  Fred. 

Literally  Has  dog  [si]  Fred. 

In natural English: Fred has a dog. Depending on the situation, it could also mean Fred had a dog or Fred will have a dog.

Do you remember the marker si? It indicates we’re talking about a particular person called Fred.

Next example:

 Merong  aso  si  Fred. 

Literally  Has-[linker]  dog  [si]  Fred. 

In natural English: Fred has a dog.

This really means the same as the previous example with may.

Now with marami:

 Maraming  aso  si  Fred. 

Literally  Has many-[linker]  dog  [si]  Fred. 

In natural English: Fred has many dogs.

Now the negation with wala’:

 Walang  aso  si  Fred. 

Literally  Has no-[linker]  dog  [si]  Fred. 

In natural English: Fred has no dog.

How about questions?

May aso ba si Fred?
Does Fred have a dog?

To reply yes, you say — Meron.
To reply no, you say — Wala’.
To reply yes, many, you say — Marami.

Again, the word ba turns a sentence into a question (and it’s optional).

All right. In the next video, we’ll do some drills.

Thank you for watching.

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