Learn Tagalog 09

“To be something” in Tagalog: Drills

Welcome back! In this video, we’ll practice the pattern to be something in Tagalog.

All the combinations in the table are correct.

Mabait siya.He or she is kind.
Mabait si John.John is kind.
Mabait ang mga babae.The women are kind. The word mga makes it plural, so there’s more than one woman here.
Mabait iyon.That person, far from you and me, is kind. Iyon could actually also refer to a thing, not just a person. It depends on the situation.

Now let’s do the same with turista.

Turista siya.He or she is a tourist.
Turista si John. John is a tourist.
Turista ang mga babae. The women are tourists.
Turista iyon.That person (over there) is a tourist.

And now with natutulog, which is a verb. It means is sleeping or was sleeping and the action is still ongoing in the situation.

Natutulog siya.He or she is sleeping.
Natutulog si John.
Natutulog ang mga babae.
Natutulog iyon.

You can probably see the general pattern now.

In the next video we’ll see how you say there is something in Tagalog.

Thank you for watching.

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