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“To be so…” in Tagalog: Drills

Welcome back! In this video, we’ll practice the pattern to be so… in Tagalog.

Before we continue, it’s a good idea to have the table of markers and pronouns ready. If you haven’t already done so, you can download it at: learningtagalog.com/downloads/tagalog_markers_and_pronouns.pdf

All right. Do you remember the to be something pattern? Well, it uses Ang phrases.

Maganda ka.
Maganda ang babae.
Maganda si Jen.
Maganda ito.

All of the highlighted phrases are Ang phrases.

Let’s look at the corresponding intensified sentences. Here, the intensified pattern Ang + root is followed by a Ng phrase.

Ang ganda mo.– You’re so beautiful.
Ang ganda ng babae. – The woman is so beautiful.
Ang ganda ni Jen. – Jen is so beautiful.
Ang ganda nito. – This is so beautiful.

All of the highlighted phrases are Ng phrases.

There are other intensifiers that go with Ng phrases. One example is napaka-. So you say:

Maganda ito.This is beautiful.
But Napakaganda nito.This is so beautiful.

Nito is the corresponding Ng phrase of ito.

Let’s try a different root. Galing which means skill. So magaling means skilled or good (at something).

Magaling siya.He or she is good (at it).
Magaling si Joe.Joe is good (at it).

This is just the to be something pattern again.

Now, the intensified pattern.

Magaling becomes ang galing.
Siya becomes niya.
Si Joe becomes ni Joe.

So we get:

Ang galing niya.He or she is so good (at it).
And Ang galing ni Joe.Joe is so good (at it).

More details about intensifiers can be found on our website at: learningtagalog.com/grammar/adjectives/intensity.html

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Thank you for watching.

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