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“There is something” in Tagalog: Drills

Welcome back! In this video, we’ll practice the pattern there is something in Tagalog.

All combinations in the table are correct.

Notice here again that there is no linker after May.

May saging.There’s a banana.
May turista.There’s a tourist.
May bata’.There’s a child.
May kotse.There’s a car.

Now, meron. You see there is the linker -ng again.

Merong saging.There’s a banana.
Merong turista.There’s a tourist.
Merong bata’.There’s a child.
Merong kotse.There’s a car.

The meaning is really the same as with may.

Now, marami. Again, with the linker -ng.

Maraming saging.There are many bananas.
Maraming turista.There are many tourists.
Maraming bata’.There are many children. And again, this and all other examples here could also refer to the past. There were many children.
Maraming kotse.There are many cars.

Finally, let’s use wala’. Wala’ also gets the -ng linker.

Walang saging. There are no bananas.
Walang turista.There are no tourists.
Walang bata’.There are no children.
Walang kotse.There are no cars.

I think, that’s pretty easy, isn’t it? It’s just a matter of knowing the words.

In the next video, we’ll see how to say to have something in Tagalog.

Thank you for watching.

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