Learn Tagalog 07

Tagalog linkers na/-ng: Drills

Welcome back! In this video, we’ll practice using the linkers na and -ng.

All the combinations in the table are correct.

maganda takes the ending -ng because it ends in a vowel. It means beautiful by the way.

pangit, means ugly, and it’s followed by the linker na in combinations, because it doesn’t end in a vowel or /n/.

OK, let’s make all the combinations.

magandang sapatos, beautiful shoes
magandang bahay, beautiful house
magandang kotse, beautiful car

pangit na sapatos, ugly shoes
pangit na bahay, ugly house
and pangit na kotse, ugly car

Now let’s make those combinations the other way round.

sapatos na maganda, shoes that are beautiful
bahay na maganda, house that’s beautiful
kotseng maganda, car that’s beautiful

And you can do the same for pangit: sapatos na pangit and so on.

Again, in conversation, the most natural would be magandang sapatos.

All right. In the next video we’ll see how to say to be something in Tagalog.

Thank you for watching.

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