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Enclitic words in Tagalog

In this video, we’ll have a look at enclitic words in Tagalog.

What are enclitic words in Tagalog?

They’re words that generally follow the first word of the sentence, or another enclitic word with a higher priority.

Most of them are very common.


Maganda ang bahay.The house is beautiful.
Maganda rin ang bahay.The house is also beautiful.

Rin is enclitic, so it has to come after maganda in this sentence.

There are two groups of enclitic words.

The first group is made up of personal pronouns:
ako, ka, siya and so on, which mean I, you, he or she and so on. There are 15 of them.

The second group consists of particles:
na, pa, rin, lang, naman, ba and so on, which have various meanings, such as now, still, also, just etc.

If you like, you can pause the video here and download the PDF file called Order of Enclitic Words from our website at: learningtagalog.com/downloads.html

In the next video, we’ll practice using enclitic words.

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