Tagalog I Wish, I Hope etc.

1. basic form + sana

I hope

Manalo sana si Pacquiao.

Sana manalo si Pacquiao.

May Pacquiao win.

I hope Pacquiao wins.

2. basic form in the POD (p. 30) + sana

I hope

Si Pacquiao sana ang manalo.

I hope it’s Pacquiao who wins.

3. basic form + kaya’

should perhaps

Kumain kaya’ tayo.

Perhaps we should eat.

Magluto’ kaya’ siya.

Perhaps he/she should cook.

Tingnan ko kaya’.

Perhaps I should have a look.

Lit. (It/They) should perhaps be looked at by me.

Hugasan ko kaya’ ang pinggan.

Perhaps I should do (wash) the dishes.

Lit. The dishes should perhaps be washed by me.

4. basic form + nga’

why don’t

Kumain nga’ tayo.

Why don’t we eat.

Tawagan nga’ natin siya.

Why don’t we call him/her.

Maghintay nga’ sila.

Why don’t they wait.

5. basic form + siya/niya/sila/nila

let him/her/them

Maghintay siya.

Let him/her wait.

Iyon ang kainin niya.

Let him/her eat that.

Maghintay sila.

Let them wait.

Iyon ang kainin nila.

Let them eat that.

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