Tagalog Commands

Commands are formed in the following ways:

1. basic form + ka/kayo/mo/ninyo

Kumain ka.


Lit. You eat.

Kainin mo ito.

Eat this.

Lit. This is to be eaten by you.

2. basic form in the POD (p. 30)
The News (p. 30) is emphasized in this construction.

Ito ang kainin mo.

Eat this. (e.g. not that)

Lit. The one to be eaten by you is this.

Ang cake ang kainin mo.

Eat the cake. (e.g. not the ice cream)

Lit. The one to be eaten by you is the cake.

Ikaw ang kumain.

You eat. (e.g. not me)

Lit. The one to eat is you.

3. verb root (+ na)



Alis na!

Leave now!

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