Tagalog Confirmation Questions

Di ba and ano (‘no) are used in questions asking to confirm something.

1. di ba – may be used at the beginning or at the end of a sentence.

Natulog ka, di ba?

Di ba natulog ka?

You slept, didn’t you?

Didn’t you sleep?

Ang ganda, di ba?

Di ba ang ganda?

It’s so pretty, isn’t it?

Isn’t it so pretty?

See also: Ba (p. 325)

2. ‘no – can only be used at the end of a sentence.

Ang ganda ‘no?

It’s so pretty, isn’t it?

no can also be used with a falling intonation to express certainty or confidence.

Natulog ka ‘no.

You slept, didn’t you.

(I’m sure you did.)


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