Tagalog Sentences with No POD

The following sentences have no POD (p. 30):

1. yes, no, maybe





2. some greetings and other social expressions (p. 377)


How are you?

3. some interjections (p. 387)



4. sentences with a verb in recently completed form (p. 188)

Kararating lang ni Mary.

Mary has just arrived.

5. some commands and requests (p. 193)



Pakibuhat ng bag.

Could you carry the bag.

6. some sentences with a pseudo-verb (p. 207)

Gusto ni John ng mangga.

John wants a mango.

Gustong kumain ni John.

John wants to eat.

7. sentences with an adjective intensified by a Group 2 intensifier (p. 227)

Napakalaki ng aso!

The dog is so big!

8. some may, mayroon/meron, marami and wala’ sentences (p. 334)

May aso.

There’s a dog.

Maraming aso.

There are many dogs.

9. some sentences with a magka- verb (p. 134) or magkaroon (p. 135)


Nagkaroon ng gulo.

A commotion broke out.

Chaos broke out.


Nagkaroon ng problema.

A problem occurred.

10. sentences expressing time

Alas dos na.

It’s two o’clock.

Tanghali’ na.

It’s noon.

Maaga pa.

It’s still early.

Magde-December na.*

It will soon be December.

Pasko na!

It’s Christmas!

* See also: mag- 5 (p. 129)

11. sentences expressing natural phenomena


It’s raining.

Bumaha’ kahapon.

It flooded yesterday.


There’s an earthquake!

Lit. It’s “earthquaking!”

Kumukulog at kumikidlat.

There’s thunder and lightning.

Mainit sa Maynila’.

It’s hot in Manila.

* See also: (-)um- 2 (p. 177)

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