Tagalog Numbers in Use

Tagalog, English and Spanish-derived numbers are often used interchangeably. The tables below show the preferred language(s) in everyday conversation.


October 3 (three)

1970 (nineteen seventy)


limang minuto, five minutes

limang oras, five hours

Clock time

three o’clock, alas tres


tatlong taon, three years old


sampung porsyento, ten percent


1 – piso

2 – dalawang piso, two pesos

10 – sampung piso, ten pesos

20 – dalawampung piso, twenty pesos, bente pesos

50 – limampung piso, fifty pesos, singkwenta pesos

75 – seventy-five pesos

100 – sandaang piso, one hundred pesos


limang metro, five meters

limang kilometro, five kilometers


limang kutsarita, five teaspoons

limang kutsara, five tablespoons

limang tasa, five cups

limang litro, five liters

limang galon, five gallons


limang kilo, five kilos

five pounds


5 (five) Ipil Street

1100 (one one zero zero)

Grade levels

grade one

fourth year


limang pares (5 pairs)

limang dosena (5 dozens)

See also: Cardinal numbers (p. 236), Clock time (p. 266)

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