Exceptions to the Follow-the-first-word Rule

1. Enclitic words cannot immediately follow any of the words below. Instead, they follow the word after them.


Dahil gutom sila, kinain nila ang kanin.*

Because they were hungry, they ate the rice.

* Sila cannot immediately follow dahil.

Note: Enclitic particles except na and pa may immediately follow dahil and halos. All enclitic particles may immediately follow bukod, kung sakali’, maliban, mula’, noon and sakali’.

2. Enclitic words cannot immediately follow the first word of the phrases below. Instead, they follow the entire phrase.


Si Mario Cruz siya.*

He is Mario Cruz.

* Siya cannot immediately follow si or Mario.

3. Enclitic words may, but do not have to, immediately follow the words below.


Bakit sila umalis?

Bakit umalis sila?

Why did they leave?

Tiglilima silang candy.

Tiglilimang candy sila.

They have/get/got/etc. five candies each.

Bago kong account ito.

Bagong account ko ito.

This is my new account.

Bukas sila ng hapon aalis.

Bukas ng hapon sila aalis.

They will leave tomorrow afternoon.

Para siyang si Fred.

Parang si Fred siya.

He’s like Fred.

Note: Na and pa cannot immediately follow bakit.

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