Pa: Tagalog Enclitic Particle

still, yet, in addition, more, even

Member pa ako.

I’m still a member.

Kumain ka pa. (basic form)

Eat some more.

Kumain pa ako. (completed form)

I also ate. (I ate as well as did other things.)

Kumakain pa ako.

I’m still eating.

Kakain pa ako.

I’ll eat some more.

I’ll also eat. (I’ll eat as well as do other things.)

Wala’ pang mangga.

There are no mangoes yet.

Lit. still no mangoes

Hindi’ pa member si Fred.

Fred isn’t a member yet.

Lit. still not a member

Hindi’ pa kumakain si Fred.

Fred hasn’t eaten yet.

Lit. still hasn’t eaten

Hindi’ pa kakain si Fred.

Fred won’t be eating yet.

Lit. still won’t eat

Isa pa.

One more.

Sino pa ang darating?

Who else is coming?

Lit. who in addition

Mas malaki pa.

Even bigger.

See also: Aspects (p. 180)

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