Na 1 : Tagalog Enclitic Particle

now, already

Member na ako.

I’m now a member.

Kumain ka na. (basic form)

Eat now.

Kumain na ako. (completed form)

I already ate.

I have/had (already) eaten.

Kumakain na ako.

I’m eating now.

Kakain na ako.

I’ll eat now.

I’m about to eat.

Wala’ nang mangga.

There are no more mangoes.

Lit. no mangoes now

Hindi’ na member si Fred.

Fred is not a member anymore.

Lit. not a member now

Hindi’ na nagtatago’ si John.

John isn’t hiding anymore.

Lit. doesn’t hide now

Hindi’ na magtatago’ si John.

John won’t hide anymore.

Lit. won’t hide now

Huwag ka nang magtago’.

Don’t hide anymore.

Lit. don’t hide now

Alas kwatro na.

It’s four o’clock.

Tanghali’ na.

It’s noon.

Pasko na!

It’s Christmas!

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