Kasi 2 : Tagalog Enclitic Particle

used to blame someone or something or to express regret for something that should not have happened
alternative: pa kasi (used with a verb)

Ikaw kasi.

It’s because of you.

(You are to blame.)

Siya kasi!

It’s because of him/her!

(It’s his/her fault!)

Ang tamad kasi niya.

It’s because he/she’s lazy.

(He/she should have studied etc.)

Umalis ka pa kasi.

It’s because you left.

(You shouldn’t have left.)

Ayan kasi.

It’s because of that.

(You shouldn’t have done that.)

papaano kasi…

it’s because (of the fact that)…

(I/you/etc. shouldn’t have done that. / That shouldn’t have happened.)

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