Complete Course

Learning Tagalog: Fluency Made Fast and Easy

  • 60 lively lessons that teach practical, spoken Tagalog taken from daily life in the Philippines.
  • Audio recordings of the 1,298 Tagalog phrases of the course that will help you learn correct pronunciation, and remember words and phrases more easily. Also includes a slowed-down version.
  • Exercises with an answer key for reinforcing what you've learned and checking your progress.
  • Comprehensive Tagalog grammar reference that will remain useful even long after you have reached fluency.

At a pace of 15–30 minutes per day, it will give you a solid foundation in Tagalog in 6 months, allowing you to participate in conversations.

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Online Edition, Lifetime Access

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Easiest-to-use and most convenient option

  • Text and audio combined in a fast and easy-to-use web format (no audio download)
  • Accessible on any laptop, desktop, tablet and smartphone (Android, iOS/iPad/iPhone/Apple, Windows, Blackberry etc.)
  • Printable Eworkbooks 1-3 (152 pages, PDF) for additional exercises
  • Links to the online edition of Essential Tagalog Grammar
  • Flash card mode, progress tracking, contact form and more
  • No installation required

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Ebook Edition with MP3s

7 ebooks and an MP3 download

For offline learning and offline listening practice

  • Course Ebooks 1-3 (732 pages, PDF)
  • Eworkbooks 1-3 (158 pages, PDF)
  • Essential Tagalog Grammar Ebook (464 pages, PDF)
  • Course Audio MP3s: all Tagalog phrases (2,596 MP3s, 200 MB) in two versions, natural and slow (about 100 minutes each)

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7-book set with a free MP3 download

If you prefer to learn with paper books

  • Course Books 1-3 (732 pages)
  • Workbooks 1-3 (158 pages)
  • Essential Tagalog Grammar (464 pages)
  • Free Download: Course Audio MP3s containing all Tagalog phrases (2,596 MP3s, 200 MB) in two versions, natural and slow (about 100 minutes each)
  • ISBN 978-3-902909-07-7
  • Optional: Buy the Course Audio on 7 CDs below

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Course Audio on 7 CDs (audio only)

Optional add-on, alternative to the audio download

If you prefer CDs to the MP3 download

  • Audio only, does not include the text (not a stand-alone product)
  • 6 Audio CDs + 1 MP3 CD containing all Tagalog phrases in two versions, natural and slow (about 100 minutes each)
  • The MP3 CD contains all the audio as MP3 files, which can be easily saved to a computer
  • No English explanations, only Tagalog
  • Ideal for listening practice and review

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course audio 7-CD set

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“So far, I love the course by the way. Having the literal translation, along with the more loose translation and an audio file is fantastic. There is nothing else I have found that even comes close to that on the market.”

— Mark Cottle
Director, Frontline Accounting
Melbourne, Australia

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