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Philippines (USA) is the most practical option. There are no import fees on books in the Philippines. Any import fees deposit charged by Amazon will be refunded.



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Check whether (USA) ships to your location. Amazon may charge an import fees deposit at checkout.

You may also find our books in other bookstores. Search using the ISBNs to make sure you have the latest editions.

  • Essential Tagalog Grammar (464 pages, paperback)
    ISBN 9789081513548
  • Course Books 1–3 (732 pages, color paperback)
    ISBNs 9783902909039, 9783902909046, 9783902909053
  • Workbooks 1–3 (158 pages, paperback)
    ISBNs 9783902909008, 9783902909015, 9783902909022

Alternatively, you can purchase the Ebook Edition or the Online Edition.

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